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TAKE 2  offers a holistic approach to compliment clinical options for individuals who are awaiting referrals. Tailor made packages are created for each client, with the sole focus on how the Cinema Experience can aid our abilty to relax, communicate and focus.

This is an innovative, forward thinking product, based on the principles of a social prescribing model with an emphasis on collaboration and bringing Communities together, addressing current challenges that many are facing following the impact of the COVID -19 pandemic.




TAKE 2 is a multifaceted design to support a wide range of audiences, addressing health and wellbeing, including mental health.

The packages can support organisations, health services and groups to communicate to Community members. In addition the packages offer versatility to create corporate and team events and can also be

co-produced to blend content to achieve specific objectives.


Participants in the TAKE 2 experience will be able to fully immerse themselves in the full benefits of the Luxe cinema setting. The screening room boasts the best in technology as well as fully reclining leather seating and individual tables.

There are a vast range wellbeing boosting activities on offer as well as guest speakers.

Guest will leave the cinema feeling the full benefit of their session and will be able to access to ongoing digital support. 


"A beautiful experience that I know people will value.

Very informative in a relaxed setting and professionally delivered"


"Having been told my condition is beyond help, I can see the benefits on offer"



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