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This project introduces an initiative to provide a local, non-clinical service acknowledging the impact that social, economic and environmental factors have on the health and wellbeing of individuals. We do this by using the principles of social prescribing.

Social prescribing improves outcomes for people by giving more choice and control over their lives and an improved sense of belonging when people get involved in community groups. It is particularly useful for people who need more support with their mental health, have one or more long-term conditions, are lonely or isolated, or have complex social needs that affect their wellbeing.


The overall aim is to provide;

  • A recognised service which reduces the inequalities of health and wellbeing within the Community

  • To support individuals to take greater control of their own health

  • To contribute to the overall principles of social prescribing

  • The initiative will also support those individuals in a caring or support profession including blue light workers, NHS and Carers

Take 2 will offer an end to end service which will allow service users to address personal barriers and combat life challenges which impact on their health and wellbeing. The initiative will engage with key individuals and bodies including; Housing Associations, Senior strategic leaders, Health professionals, Community Groups, Local Government and authorities, Debt Management and advisory bodies, Schools Colleges and Universities, Police federations, Veterans and Ex forces.


To offer a collaborative service utilising the benefits of film/movies in a social environment. Working collaboratively with local businesses and providers, CE3 will deliver the service within a live cinema environment.

Research shows that ‘going to the cinema’ can reduce stress, gain social and culture insight, improve focus, combat loneliness and isolation as well as increase social skills and awareness of others.


Service users will be able to take advantage of a warm, welcoming and relaxed venue to experience the benefits that film watching and specific activities can offer to them to support their individual needs.

The offer will be made available through various routes including online, through referral processes including GP surgeries, Housing Associations, local authorities and federations, as examples.

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