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TAKE 2 offer post ceremony celebrations to enhance the special day. Whether the main event was a relaxed, intimate affair or a lavish, formal event, the TAKE 2 experience will take you back to reflect on the main event.


Sharing the memories of the day with guests that maybe did not attend the main wedding, maybe the wedding was planned abroad or maybe the couple just want to create more memories and continue their celebrations, TAKE 2 Truly Yours Packages can deliver a special showcase and experience to be remembered forever.

Delivered in the Luxe environment of the cinema with a private screening and a selection of products and services to make this a day to remember including;


  • Welcome Meet and Greet and Concierge Service

  • Pamper packages

  • Videography/photography

  • Red Carpet

  • Hospitality packages

  • Personalised gifts

  • Wedding cake

  • Private screening of wedding footage and memories packaged to be shown on the big screen

  • Dolby sound and Isense technology

  • Magazine and welcome pack



The TAKE 2 isn't limited to post wedding celebrations!

  • Maybe you've been traveling and want to share your experience on the big screen

  • Want to arrange a celebration event for your business or employees

  • Have a big birthday lined up that you want to celebrate in a unique and memorable way

Get in touch with the team to discuss your event and find out how your TAKE 2 event can be tailored to your needs.

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